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Alison Gates

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The Art Of Resistance: The Exquisite Uterus

The more I have looked the more I have found systematic outrage across the country at the efforts to regulate women’s reproductive lives by imposing particular moral and religious perspectives. ..Many individuals, including artists, are fighting back in our own ways. Continue reading

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Creativity Lessons: Art, Nature, and Finding Our Inner Voices

Join us for Art Workshops at the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Wyoming Valley School Cultural Center outside of Spring Green Wisconsin. Continue reading

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New paintings by Mary Kay Neumann, ‘Art Still Has Truth, Take Refuge There’

In her new exhibition Mary Kay Neumann’s wet-into-wet watercolor florals are alive with emotions of joy, conflict, and and the intrinsic beauty of life. Continue reading

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Lessons in Creativity

Accepting my limitations takes on a enjoyable sense of victory when I remember to treat those limitations as intellectual challenges that require me to find creative alternatives. Continue reading

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Your Don’t Always Know What You Got ‘Til Its Gone so don’t let the Wisconsin Arts Board go!

It will be easier to save the Wisconsin Arts Boards than get it back once its has been dissolved, so lets advocate to save the agency now so we have something to rebuild when our economy improves. Lets not regret in the future what we can work to save today. Continue reading

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The Arts are Losing Ground in Wisconsin

So what about the arts in all this turmoil? Why even think about the arts (except in terms of creative ways to protest)? What about the contributions of the arts to Wisconsin’s economy? Why spend money on supporting the arts and the Wisconsin Arts Board in times like these when so many things we value and count on are being slashed too? Continue reading

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Reclaiming the Bluebird of Happiness in Art and Action

My watercolor painting, Bluebirds Love Sumac, was painted in celebration of the fall sumac and the restoration of bluebird habitat. I’m delighted the painting was chosen for the cover of the 2011 Dane County Cultural Commission Calendar. Continue reading

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Knots, Braids, and Twinings: An Artist Explores Social Media

I spent a rousing evening with the Arts Matters folks discussing the difference between using social media for ‘marketing’ your art and using it to build creative community (I’m an advocate for the latter). Continue reading

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Facing Medusa: moving through inaction toward our goals as artists.

Listed are artist residencies in Wisconsin, the US, and abroad, as well as some key major grants, exchange programs and exhibition opportunities for artists. This post also includes a discussion of moving through the paralysis of inaction toward our goals as artists. Continue reading

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