Day Twenty-seven – -Two Artists Share A Painting A Day for 33 Days

When Night Becomes Day, 11 x 14, watercolor, ©2011 Nikki Kinne

Welcome to day twenty-seven in the 33 Paintings in 33 Days Project of Alaskan artist  Nikki Kinne and Wisconsin artist Helen Klebesadel.

Day twenty-seven was jam packed for Nikki.  In her correspondence sharing this work she describes sitting down to paint this 11 x 14 painting and being repeatedly interrupted by almost all the people she loves most in the world.  Finally ready to paint she describes her thought process:

“After all of the interruptions of trying to do a big painting I was tempted to call it quits.  But, it was so peaceful, and meditative.  Have you ever watched dawn, the transition from hints of shapes devoid of color to the full bloom? I think as we are coming out of hard dark times, life is like the dawn.  It might help our tired souls, when they are just seeing hints of shapes, to remember that if we allow light to shine on the situation we can understand and find a path. ”

Thank you for staying with this work Nikki.  The world is better for it.

Sunset Pines, 14 x 19, watercolor, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

Both Nikki and I are indulging in the wonderful color s possible in watercolor.  I’m still revisiting my rough sketches of Northern Wisconsin and using them as a bases for loose and expressive paintings that try to catch the spontaneity of of the changing light at sunset.

We are enjoying this experience of creative exchange.  Thank you for joining us on the journey!

I am now making my daily works for this project available for sale online in my Meylah shop here:​besadel  I post them each day after they are posted in the blog.

About Helen R. Klebesadel

I am an artist.
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2 Responses to Day Twenty-seven – -Two Artists Share A Painting A Day for 33 Days

  1. cv says:

    What a fun synchronicity: sunrise and sunset! I’m so enjoying your sharing. I’m going to miss it when it’s gone!

    • Thanks CV. Yes, wasn’t this a wonderful chance happening? I will miss this regular art visit with Nikki too. We are talking about continuing in some way that will work with the projects we have planned, perhaps once a month with more developed works. I’m so pleased you have come along with us on this excursion.

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