Two Artists Share A Painting A Day for 33 Days: Two of 33

Day Two- Spiraling Branches Too, watercolor, 5x7, ©2011 Helen Klebesadel

Welcome to day two in the 33 Paintings in 33 Days Project of Alaskan artist  Nikki Kinne and Wisconsin artist Helen Klebesadel.  So far so good.

My Spiraling Branches Too watercolor builds on yesterday’s little image, growing in size and complexity by layering the branches and creating a space of misty depth.  These images of the dendrites that appear in branches, rivers, nerve endings, and many other physical patterns in our bodies and the earth body represent for me a sense of connectedness and a recognition that we are all a part of nature.

Day 2 - Trying to Play, watercolor on canvas, 4X6, ©2011 Nikki Kinne

Nikki’s little watercolor on a stretched canvas (the painting continues around the edge of the canvas) is dedicated to honoring what she learned form the children who came to her kids art station at the Fairbanks Wild Arts Walk booth.  The kids brought with them the ability to immerse themselves in the moment and enjoy exploring creative play with art materials that is not focused on end products or a concern for SERIOUS ART.

We hope you enjoy our creative journey.  Thank you for joining us!


About Helen R. Klebesadel

I am an artist.
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One Response to Two Artists Share A Painting A Day for 33 Days: Two of 33

  1. Linda Halcomb says:

    Great work. Your painting reminds me of all the things you mentioned and I love the layering. Nikki’s watercolor reminds me of the exercises I do with my grandsons when they visit during the summer. Fun and satisfying!

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